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Bigger, Better, Cheaper! | Shopping in America

Imagine an average day. It's gray outside, cold and it's raining. You want to go shopping, but you don't want to go through the rain and the cold with all your new acquisitions. In America they have found something great for this: the shopping mall! These large covered shopping centers with hundreds of stores, restaurants… Continue reading Bigger, Better, Cheaper! | Shopping in America

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Free Foods & Drinks | USA

Especially for my readers, I decided to look for free things for your vacation in America. Because an America trip is of course expensive enough! My plan is to visit the websites of various well-known chains and register for the newsletter, rewards or create an account. The well-known restaurant chains often offer a discount or… Continue reading Free Foods & Drinks | USA

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The Great Lakes | Very cool USA must-see…

The unparalleled, natural beauty of the Great Lakes inspires a sense of wonder and possibility. They are one of the world’s most significant water resources and the most extensive freshwater system on Earth. The Great Lakes — Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario — represent thousands of years of history and continue to play an… Continue reading The Great Lakes | Very cool USA must-see…

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Celebrate Independence Day in New York | 4th of July

Celebrate Independence Day in New York on July 4. Independence Day is one of the most important days of the year in the United States. New Yorkers know how to celebrate this and if you are in New York on July 4, you should definitely not miss this. For New York, July 4 means that… Continue reading Celebrate Independence Day in New York | 4th of July

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Ellis Island | New York

Ellis Island is known by many as an immigration island; the island served as a border post for millions of immigrants who came to the United States to realize their dreams. America was therefore "land of the free and home to the brave". The American Dream was for everyone, something that was not obvious in… Continue reading Ellis Island | New York

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Brooklyn Bridge | New York

The Brooklyn Bridge was built between 1869 and 1883. The bridge was opened in May 1883. It was the first steel-built bridge in the world. The Brooklyn Bridge was the only connection between Manhattan and Brooklyn at that time. If you walk across the bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan, you have a beautiful view of… Continue reading Brooklyn Bridge | New York


SoHo | Manhattan | New York

SoHo in New York: it's one of the coolest-sounding neighborhoods, but did you know that it's actually just an abbreviation for South of Houston … Houston is a street that runs from East to West, just below where the streets get numbers. And SoHo is, indeed, south of that big street. At the end of… Continue reading SoHo | Manhattan | New York


Hell’s Kitchen | Manhattan | New York

Hell’s Kitchen in New York was a bad neighborhood, but nowadays it mainly distinguishes itself by many nice little bars and restaurants. Nobody in New York knows the exact story behind the name Hell’s Kitchen, but there are many interesting theories about it. The neighborhood is also called "Clinton" or "Midtown West". The latter name… Continue reading Hell’s Kitchen | Manhattan | New York


West Village | Manhattan | New York

West Village is a neighborhood in Manhattan, New York. It is a residential area, but one with all kinds of nice restaurants and shops - and a lot of celebrities! To give an idea; the neighborhood is south of Chelsea, north of Hudson Square and South Village, east of the Hudson River and west of… Continue reading West Village | Manhattan | New York

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Yosemite | National Park | Sightseeings

Yosemite is a popular National Park in California in the southwest of the United States of America. The park is known for its breathtakingly beautiful nature with impressive valleys, high mountains with beautiful views, old forests and huge waterfalls. With more than 3,000 km2, Yosemite is one of the larger National Parks in America, and… Continue reading Yosemite | National Park | Sightseeings